Communication Coaching

Communicating is not an easy thing.  Even at the best of times, we can say something to someone and they can hear something completely different to what we have said.

We all have different ideas of what different words mean, so even if we hear another person’s words correctly, there is no guarantee that we are going to correctly understand the message they are trying to convey to us.

How a message is sent, and how a message is received can be worlds apart, and that is where many of us START to get into trouble.

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When a couple is thinking about ending their relationship, they have more than likely been miss-communicating for a while, and maybe they’ve even reached a point where they don’t even try to communicate anymore.

When family members no longer talk to each other, it is often when boundaries have (knowingly or unknowingly) been crossed time and time again, and after trying everything they can think of, they protect themselves, their feelings and their belongings the best way they know how, and cut off from everyone.

When someone feels they are being bullied or manipulated at work, they might think that the only options available to them are to quit or to take someone to court.

A parent with a troubled teen might have stopped communicating with their child because every time they try to talk it ends up in a fight and they might be scared of pushing that child away completely.

I teach clients how to articulate their thoughts and feelings in such a way, that they can then communicate them effectively to the person they are having difficulty communicating with.  Then I  teach them how to listen more effectively.

I also facilitate meetings between couples, family members, parents and troubled teens, where they can strategically re-establish communication in an emotionally safe and nurturing environment.

Once most people know how to articulate their thoughts and feelings, and can communicate effectively, they can usually sort their own problems out and they can move forward confidently into a much brighter future.

Cost = $90 per session  Workbooks (required) are $25 each.

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