Resilient Relationships

How strong do you think your relationship is?  How secure do you feel within it?  Do you think your relationship will last forever?

Would you say your relationship:

  • supported you
  • nourished you
  • inspired you
  • excited you
  • adequately met your needs from a relationship, and
  • allowed you the space to be a better version of you?

Does your relationship

  • lift you up and add something special to your life, or does it
  • bring you down and leave you feeling depleted and hopeless?

Are you friends with your partner?  Do you respect him?  Do you admire him?  Do you really know who your partner is?  What are his values, his fears, his hopes, his dreams?  Who is he when he doesn’t get what he wants?

Who are you when you are in a relationship?  What are your values, your fears, your hopes, your dreams?  Does your partner know all there is to know about you?  Does your partner respect and admire you?  Do you respect and admire yourself?

How are your communication skills?  Can you ask for what you want?  Can you set clear boundaries?  Do you feel heard?  Do you feel valued?

I believe that relationships are way too important to leave to chance, and that while there is nothing on the planet more exciting than falling in love, staying in love is a very different game, and sadly, almost one in two marriages in our part of the world end up in divorce.  How many more couples are living in unhappy relationships?

Resilient Relationships is specifically designed to help couples build strong foundations so that they can enjoy the healthy, functional and loving relationship they want and deserve to have.

Total investment = $540 and includes 6 sessions and a workbook

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