How to find out if you are living in an illusion

I know I said my last blog would be my last blog for the year but something happened in my community this week that has inspired me to write another one and it’s one that I think is very, very important.

Last week’s blog was all about creating space for the life and the love that you want to experience for yourself in 2017 and there are 9 great steps that you can take that will help you to realise what you want providing all goes to plan.

What I didn’t say in that blog, however, was this:  Control is an absolute illusion.

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What do I mean by that exactly?  I mean that if you think you can control everything you are kidding yourself and setting yourself up for a whole range of negative experiences that you might not have chosen to put on your want list.

Now you might be agreeing with me, nodding your head and thinking to yourself, yes I know that control is an illusion. However, there is one sure way to tell if you really know that, and that is to ask yourself how you feel right now?

If your answer is that you feel anything other than grateful  in any moment, then you are living in an illusion because grateful is the ONLY feeling you can have when you realise that nothing in this life is a given and everything is a gift that can be whisked away without notice.

You can create space for anything in your life based on universal laws and you might do a fantastic job at setting things up the way you want, but there is still no guarantee that what you want will appear in your life the way you want it to.  And if it does appear, it might not stay as long as you want, regardless of what you do to sustain it, simply because universal laws are working in ways we can’t possibly know about or control and there might be a bigger cause and effect playing out that we have no knowledge of.

I am talking of course about the people and things in our lives that matter to us – the people and things we love and enjoy and like to take for granted.

People can bring so much joy and love and fulfilment into our lives but they also get sick, some die, some choose to leave, some stop loving us, and others can change due to reasons we are not aware of and things that we can’t control.

Things can also bring us joy but they can also get broken, be stolen, wear out or get lost.


If you are living with anxiety you are believing in the illusion of control.

If you are living with depression you are believing in the illusion of control.

If you are living with anger and resentment you are believing in the illusion of control.

If you are living in any state other than gratitude for the people and the things you do have, have had or want to have in your life, then you are believing in the illusion of control and it is a big fat lie.

In fact, if you happen to notice yourself feeling like you are in control at any moment, that too is a gift, and something to be immediately grateful for because it’s still a sweet illusion and it will not always be there.

Now I know some of you will be hyperventilating because you are wondering what is there if there is no control?

Well I can offer you these 4 truths:

1. The need to believe in the illusion of control comes from fear and you can’t live a rich, juicy life if you are living with anything that comes from fear.

2. It feels better, safer and more peaceful to understand and accept the ways of the universe as it is than to hang all your hopes and dreams on a universe that you know at some level doesn’t, and can never, exist.

3. Regardless of what you do or don’t believe, the universe naturally wants to sustain itself, and you and the people you love are a part of the universe so as long as you stay in the present moment, be grateful for what you have now and be grateful for what may come, it will be ok.

4. There is no richer, juicier place to be than in a state of gratitude.

Until next year…

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