Need a Break?

Feeling tired, stressed, overworked and underpaid, anxious, uptight, frazzled, overwhelmed, depressed, worried, over-committed, not enough hours in a day, over-sensitive, can’t cope, need a massage, need sleep, want some space, need help, want some relief, need a holiday, want some peace and quiet, or just want a break away from the everyday grind?

Many people think that as soon as they have less on their plate, they’ll feel better.  If they could just find the right vitamin pill, or have that holiday they desperately need then they’ll renew their energy levels and everything will work itself out.

Others get sick – some quite seriously – before they give themselves permission to take a break.

The truth is that LIFE IS BUSY for everyone.  We all have responsibilities, we all have challenges, we all have ups and downs, and we all have stress.  It doesn’t go away.  We just learn to manage ourselves better – hopefully!

If only everyone knew that as little as 20 minutes of meditation a day can take all these feelings of stress away and replace them with a sense of inner peace and joy usually only associated with a week (or more) of holiday bliss.  (Mind you, there are still those who can’t even relax on holiday!)

We can stop the inevitable impact of daily stress on our bodies, and give ourselves the mental and emotional break necessary to experience true joy amongst the chaos simply by choosing to meditate regularly.

I have often referred to my own meditation as medication as it has proven and powerful physiological and psychological benefits.

The benefits of meditation over medication lie in the fact that medication only masks the symptoms of the impact of stress in our lives, and in some cases can add other stresses.  The additional financial costs of medications and the physical drain on the liver and organs are the obvious additional stresses.  There are also often side effects of medications, and there’s having the take time out to go to the GP for scripts in the first place.  All these add to a sense of overload, and the cycle that drives you to seek out medication in the first place.

Meditation, on the other hand, is a valid and powerful way of effectively dealing with the impact of stress, and magically weaves a sense of flow and harmony into the fabric of our daily lives.  Many think it is too simple to be of any value in their lives, but anyone who has practiced meditation over an extended period of time knows exactly how powerful and effective it is in the management of stress.

If you don’t meditate regularly, I highly recommend you temporarily add to the current demands on your time in order to find the style of meditation that best suits you.  Then practice it daily.  It WILL change the way you look at every area of your life and you WILL love the new you that emerges from the stillness.

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