Join the Positively Inspirational Personal Development Club for Women

The Positively Inspirational Personal Development (PIPD) Club is for women who are often smart, funny, courageous and passionate but don’t necessarily know how wonderful they are and aren’t necessarily realising their full potential.

It’s for women with families, partners, friends and colleagues who rely on them to show up and step up every day.

It’s for women who work hard, try hard, love hard, fall hard and then give their everything to come back hard.

The PIPD Club is for women who know there is more to life.

It’s for women who feel like they are always working to improve themselves and their lives, more often than not to benefit their partners, their children, their family, their friends or their colleagues.

It’s for women who have times when life gets on top of them and they don’t know how to move forward or feel confident enough to do so.

It’s for women who are living with varying degrees of anxiety or depression, women who struggle to maintain a healthy self-esteem, women who are living in unfulfilling, unhappy or unacceptable relationships with a partner, women who are going through a relationship break-up, women who are struggling with a family communication breakdown, women who are struggling to co-parent after a breakup, and it’s for women who are struggling to support a child with special needs.

It’s for women who are aware they carry shame and regret from the past but don’t know how to resolve it, women who are carrying anger and resentment, women who sometimes feel like they just have so much on their plate that they don’t know where to start.

The PIPD Club is for women who know what emotional pain is.

It’s for the women we see at schools, at the shopping centres, on trains, sitting next to us in traffic, and for the woman on the other end of a phone call to a government department


It’s for the woman who looks back at us in the mirror each morning and it is definitely for the woman who avoids looking at herself in the mirror each morning.

It’s for your neighbour, your partner’s boss, your child’s teacher or the woman behind the counter at the local Subway

It is for women who come from all walks of life

Sometimes life is ok for us
Sometimes it’s not
Sometimes we can manage
Sometimes we need help
Sometimes friends and family can help
Sometimes they can’t

What happens when you join the PIPD Club?

The PIPD Club is designed specifically to help you grow in emotional intelligence and strength so that you can realise more love, more joy and much deeper fulfillment in your life.

It is designed to help you build an intimate relationship with yourself while giving you a huge range of tools that are simple and effective and can be implemented into your day to day life.

Imagine really loving yourself and feeling confident in every area of your life.

Imagine really liking yourself, knowing that you will never feel alone again, and having the confidence to be your true authentic self no matter where you are or who you are with.

One day at a time, one challenge at a time, one thought at a time, you will know yourself better, love yourself more deeply, believe in yourself more fully and manage yourself and your life with much greater ease.

And you will be much much happier.

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See you in there