What is resilience and why do you need to get yourself some?

Why survive when you can thrive?  Good question huh?  I don’t know anyone who chooses to “just get by” when the means to thrive are present.  Problem is, we don’t always know how best to make that shift.

Resilience is “the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, threats and significant sources of stress. Resilience is not something that is innate to some and not to others. Resilience is a trait that can be learned by everyone. It involves the ability to manage our thoughts, behaviors, and actions”. ~ Bruna Martinuzzi

Resilience can also be defined as a set of skills that often mean the very difference between surviving and thriving.

How well do you adapt in the face of adversity?  How do you respond to perceived threats and stressful situations?  What skills do you have to help you manage your thoughts, your behaviours and your actions?

How do you react to life’s challenges?


Do you have wobblies, get anxious, manipulate, cry, fall apart, withdraw, get loud, become violent or get depressed?

Do you feel like you are out of control at times?  Drowning?  Do you take your feelings out on the people around you?

Or do you respond to life by giving thought to how you will manage yourself in any given situation and respond in helpful, mature ways, trusting that you can manage whatever comes your way?

If you don’t already have resilience, you can learn resilience, and I can teach you.

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