7 Ways To Rise Above Painful Emotions

I met with a friend and colleague recently to discuss the idea of the two of us co-writing a book about raising resilient children.  We’d worked together a couple of years ago delivering an 11-week course in resilience skills to 4 grades of teenage boys at a Flexi-School on the north side of Brisbane and we very quickly realised how like-minded we were in our approach to the program and in our understanding of emotional development.

As we explored the topics we wanted to cover and the philosophies and practices we wanted to include in our book, we both agreed that the most important thing any of us can probably do for ourselves, and possibly the only thing we have any real control over, is
to consciously raise our own vibration to such a degree that we literally vibrate above the drama in life.

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Now before you say WTF is she talking about and close this tab on your computer, let me explain.

I am talking to anyone who has had, or is having a hard time, and let’s face it, there aren’t too many people who get out of life without experience some sort of hardship.

I am talking about the emotional pain associated with heartache, rejection, loss, loneliness, hurt, financial pain, family issues, grief, anger, and anything else you can think of that makes life difficult for you.

And I want to talk about some things you can do to literally lift yourself up so that the pain isn’t so consuming and intense for you.

Is it your experience that every bad thing you can think of often happens to you when you are already down and out?

And is it your experience that when you are feeling good about yourself you tend to manage life’s challenges faster and more effectively?

If it is, then doesn’t it make sense to do what it takes to deliberately put yourself into a state where you can manage life’s challenges faster and more effectively?  Would that make life more bearable for you?

This is exactly what rising above your emotional pain means.  It means putting practices and rituals into place that make you feel so good that you are not as affected by the difficult circumstances in your life.

  1. Start by releasing negative thoughts or emotions.  Get unstuck by walking them out, talking them out or writing them out.
  2. Get out in nature and feel the uplifting affects of negative ions found near water and in rainforests.
  3. Meditate regularly and learn to observe yourself in all of your states without judgment or attachment.
  4. Surround yourself with positive, loving and authentic people.
  5. Do things that you think are fun.
  6. Do things that matter to you.
  7. Be someone whose company you can like being in.

All of these things will help you raise your energy levels or your vibration which will help you to move through painful events faster and more effectively.

In fact, they will make you feel happier regardless of what is going on around you, so make a list of things that make you feel good and start scheduling those things into your calendar so that being happy can be a habit rather than an occasional event that surprises you from time to time.

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