Are you drowning in Clutter

After reading Louise’s meditation for November 12 Louise L. Hay – Daily Meditations – November 12, 2011 – Heal Your Life I was compelled to inspire you with some clutter clearing tips and tricks.

Clutter can be defined in the following ways:

  1. Spaces that are consistently untidy and disorganised
  1. A collection of too many items in too small a space
  1. A collection of broken or unused items
  1. A collections of items that we don’t necessarily like or worse that have negative memories attached to them
  1. Unfinished business of any kind.

Clutter is stagnant qi and it’s our biggest enemy as it impedes the flow of energy in our homes and in our lives, and depending on how much we have, it can literally stop us in our tracks.

Your home or work environment can appear to be clean, tidy and organised and still have lots of clutter lurking in drawers, cupboards and filing cabinets. Here’s a few ways in which clutter in your environment can manifest in your life:

  • A build up of clutter on someone’s floor can indicate depression.
  • A build up of clutter around the centre of a home can indicate a block in the flow of joy in a person’s life, weight gain and heart problems.
  • A build up of clutter up high can indicate an inability to think straight and headaches.
  • Clutter in your south east might be blocking the flow of good fortune.
  • Clutter in your south west might be blocking your ability to obtain and / or sustain an intimate relationship.
  • Clutter in your south might be getting in the way of that promotion you’ve been working towards.
  • Clutter in your west might be blocking your creativity and your usual ability to find solutions to any problems you might be experiencing.  There isn’t anywhere you can hide clutter where it won’t have an adverse affect on your life.

Bottom Line is that if you’re not adequately processing the “things” in your home, then you aren’t adequately processing the “things” in your life.

Clutter Clearing is an ongoing process of ensuring that the qi or energy in your home and in your life doesn’t become stagnant and start to drag you down.

Happy Clutter Clearing

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