Are you really open to your dreams?

It occurred to me recently that there is really only ever one reason why any of us might not have what we want in our lives and that is because we are not open to it.  Not really.

Today’s blog is for anyone who feels like their dreams are alluding them, out of their reach or just not attainable for them, including dreams of that special love, a dream job, a successful business, enough money for your wants as well as your needs, a happy, harmonious family, healthy, cooperative children, your own home, enough money to retire on, a slim, healthy body, or anything else you can think of that matters to you.

You might feel like you have been chasing any one of these things for a long time without success and you might be thinking about giving up on your dreams.  Perhaps you’ve already given up.  But please, don’t give up just yet.  Read on and see if what I have to say is the difference between you wanting something and having it.

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Have you ever been asked:  Would you rather be right or happy?

Human beings are interesting creatures and something I see often, in my practice as well as in myself, is a need to be right, even if being right means not getting what we want.  There even seems to be some sort of consolation in being right if it means we can’t have what we want and be happy.

I’ve talked before about how we are programmed and how we develop our belief system and how our beliefs determine our experience in life, so this is really just an extension to that conversation.

We need to acknowledge and understand that if we want something that is outside of what we believe to be possible, it is going to be a challenge for us, simply because if we get it, it means we were wrong, and the ramifications of that are unthinkable for many.

For some people, it just doesn’t occur that we might be wrong about something.  For others, finding out that what we have believed and lived by our whole life was wrong, is like standing precariously on a ledge overlooking a big black bottomless hole.  It fills people with fear and dread to think that what they have based their life’s decisions on might have been wrong all along.  It leaves us vulnerable and exposed, which explains why some people would rather be in a position to say I told you so than be happy and have what they really want in their lives.

Every day I hear stories of relationship breakdowns where 2 people on opposite sides of an argument are holding firm to their righteous positions, waiting for the other person to acknowledge their righteousness before they will consider talking to them ever again.

This is often the case when you hear stories of brothers and sisters or children and parents who haven’t spoken to each other for years.  An inability to set healthy boundaries is often what feeds the determination to stand firm in these situations, and being right acts like a protector, but that is another blog.

Today, I want to challenge you to get back on track to realising your dreams, and help you to remove the real obstacles so that you can be really happy so here is an awareness exercise you can do that will help you make that happen:

1 Make an honest list of all the things you would like in your life but don’t already have.

2 Starting with the most important one, ask yourself why you don’t already have that or why it might be too difficult for you to get.  This will reveal to you what you believe about your ability and your deservability around realising that particular dream.

3 Now ask yourself if your beliefs are true and what you would need to believe in order to realise that dream.  You can then turn these new beliefs into affirmation but I would encourage you to start your new affirmations with the words “I am willing to…” because I know that as long as we are willing, and I mean really willing, there really is very little that will get in our way.

Until next time…

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