Beginnings and Endings – Happy 2012

I love the New Year, and the days and weeks leading up to it, because it is always so full of promise.  Possibilities seem endless and I love coming up with new and exciting ways to imagine the year ahead.

The thing is though, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

In other words, if you love your life just the way it is, and you want to experience the same things you have always experienced, then that’s just fine, and you shouldn’t change a thing.

If you want to experience new and exciting things, however, you have to change something.  Remember the definition of insanity?  It’s doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different result.

Perhaps you know exactly what you want from 2012, but perhaps you haven’t got a clue yet, so I’ve attached a link that will take you to a list of questions that will help you to define the types of experiences you want to have, and the changes you will need to make in order to have them.   There’s nothing like an outstanding question to bring about an outstanding answer.

Beginnings and Endings – Louise L. Hay – Heal Your Life.

Happy New Year everyone!

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