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Boundaries: Why You Need Them and How To Set Them

Boundaries are without a doubt one of the greatest challenges for the people I see in my practice and they were a challenge for me until I was in my early 40s so I love exploring this topic and working with others to understand them and set them in place in their lives. Continue reading

And The Number One Key Ingredient In ALL Healthy Relationships is…

Last week I shared with you 5 Key Ingredients You Must Have For A Satisfying Relationship That Lasts but there is one more ingredient that trumps all others in terms of keeping us on track and connected in a meaningful way.

This particular ingredient is especially useful for anyone who struggles in a committed, loving relationship, but it is also for those who might be struggling with their relationships with their children, their siblings, their neighbours or their co-workers.  And it is even more useful when you don’t know what else to do. Continue reading

5 Key Ingredients You Must Have For A Satisfying Relationship That Lasts

Are you in a strong, loving relationship that you think will last the test of time?

This week’s blog is all about love and resilient relationships and I wanted to share with you the article I wrote for I Am Woman Magazine last year which included the 5 most important qualities that I believe you must have if you want to build a loving and real relationship that will grow with you through time. Continue reading

You make a difference. Let it be one you can feel good about.

My husband had a reaction to a herd of wasp bites recently which ended up in a visit to our local hospital where all ended well, but we had a little adventure along the way that wasn’t so pleasant and it could have been so different had those involved been just a fraction kinder and more mindful of their impact on others.

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Want better relationships? Instead of assuming, explore.

Have you ever been judged and ridiculed by someone who’s opinion you valued?  Maybe it was a girlfriend, a family member or possibly even a significant other.

I shared an opinion during this week that one of my ‘friends’ decided needed correcting.  This ‘friend’ assumed where I was coming from rather than asking me what I meant, and then she became my personal judge and jury.  And she did it all in front of an audience of her peers.

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Apparently my hypocrisy needed to be exposed.  Well thank you very much for taking it upon yourself to do that for me but if I wanted you to do that I would have asked.

Ha ha ha.  How arrogant can a person be?

Now I know that her opinion is a reflection of her and that it really has nothing to do with me, and honestly, she wasn’t a close friend.  What happened though really got me thinking about the way in which we can spoil the relationships that do matter to us.  Continue reading

Valentine’s Day and The Measure Of A Man Part II

Last week some of us celebrated Valentine’s Day, and while many of us were enjoying flowers and chocolates and other traditionally romantic gestures, we were blissfully unaware that an increased number of AVO and DVO breaches were taking place.

Now I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble.  I am all for celebrating love whenever and wherever possible and I myself am still enjoying the scent of the most beautiful bunch of flowers thanks to my thoughtful and loving husband, but knowing how crazy Valentine’s Day makes some people inspired me to want to write more about how we develop emotionally and explore what it might take to change what has become a culture of domestic violence.

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How Is Your Relationship With You?

I have had so much going on in my life of late and I have been doing a bit of travel which is always exciting and I love it, but it tends to take me out of my routine and out of my comfort zone which in turn can take me away from myself because I become so outward focused.

This then leads me to feeling disconnected, anxious and lonely and while it still amazes me that I can feel lonely when I am surrounded by lots of people, that is what happens.

So, as I take time out to reconnect with myself today, I am wondering how many other women are so busy in their lives that they feel disconnected, anxious and lonely.

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How many have lost touch with who they are, what they really want and where they really want to go because they are still busily following the directions they – or life – set for them a long time ago.  Perhaps even years or a lifetime ago.

So this blog is all about emotionally recalibrating.  Just like a GPS when you take an unexpected turn, you can very quickly re-evaluate your position and get back on track so that the way you are living isn’t at the cost of your relationship with you.  Continue reading

9 Ways To Make Space For Love In 2017

In my last blog for 2016 I want to share some insights into where to start when it comes to creating the life you really want in 2017.

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Personally, I have had an amazing year this year and a large part of that is because I have loved this blogging journey, writing regularly for you and hearing your thoughts about what I have shared about living a richer, juicier life.  It has enriched my life and brought me great joy for which I am very grateful.

The clearest message I have received from you however has been that for you, living a richer, juicier life is all about having lots of rich, juicy love in your life, whether that be self-love, love from a significant other, or love from friends and family.

You have made it abundantly clear to me that without love in your life, it just can’t be rich and juicy, and I agree wholeheartedly with that. Continue reading

If you can’t say something nice(ly) don’t say anything at all…and 9 other rules for maintaining healthy relationships

In today’s blog I want to talk about healthy communication and give you 10 rules that will make a positive difference to the way in which you experience challenging discussions.

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Because I work with lots of couples, and because they are usually in a lot of pain by the time they get to me, they have often reached a point in their communication where they are short-cutting the process and going straight from “We need to talk” to yelling profanities at each other.  They have forgotten – or given up on – how to have a genuine conversation about the things that matter to them and as a result they feel like they are not having any success.

There seems to be a forgone conclusion that there is no point in trying to have a reasonable discussion because in the past one or both of the partners has felt unheard, disrespected, judged, unimportant, unloved and even resented or hated.  Often that has been the consensus for some time so a pattern of unsuccessful communication has been well and truly entrenched.

Today I want to remind – and in some cases educate – couples that it doesn’t have to be this way.  There is a way to build or re-build a healthy relationship simply by insisting on raising the standard of communication between you.  Once the basic communication between a couple is healthy their issues are often dealt with quite quickly. Continue reading

How To Adult

Today I want to talk about Adulting – what is it, how to do it, how to teach your children to do it and why it is particularly difficult for co-dependents to do.

This blog is for women who struggle with life, or aspects of it, including relationships or parenting , curbing bad habits or managing challenging behaviours – your own or others.

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I want to explain how you might find yourself in circumstances that range from less than ideal to downright dangerous and possibly even out of control. Those circumstances might include finding yourself in an abusive relationship, constantly fighting with your children, struggling to manage your child’s behaviours, struggling to manage your own behaviours, getting in over your head financially, struggling with health issues, having trouble keeping a job. Continue reading