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7 Ways To Rise Above Painful Emotions

I met with a friend and colleague recently to discuss the idea of the two of us co-writing a book about raising resilient children.  We’d worked together a couple of years ago delivering an 11-week course in resilience skills to 4 grades of teenage boys at a Flexi-School on the north side of Brisbane and we very quickly realised how like-minded we were in our approach to the program and in our understanding of emotional development.

As we explored the topics we wanted to cover and the philosophies and practices we wanted to include in our book, we both agreed that the most important thing any of us can probably do for ourselves, and possibly the only thing we have any real control over, is
to consciously raise our own vibration to such a degree that we literally vibrate above the drama in life.

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What Are You Here For?

Purpose gives meaning to life in a huge way and meaning gives depth to our experiences which is what makes our life rich and juicy.

Do you know what your purpose is?

I remember many years ago hearing a motivation speaker pointing out that de-sire can be broken down to mean ‘of God’ and I realised I’d had a program running that told me it was selfish to desire something because when I heard that it was like I’d been given permission to have my wants without any guilt or shame.  It was a totally liberating experience to say the least.

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To live a rich, juicy life, you have to listen to your heart and live from that place, so imagine the inner conflict and turmoil that exists if you are brought up to believe that you are selfish for wanting something for yourself?

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How Important Is Spirituality To A Rich, Juicy Life?

In today’s blog I am asking the question: How important is spirituality to a rich, juicy life?

Now most of my readership is made up of women and it is not too difficult, as a general rule, to get a good discussion going about spirituality and explore the impact it has on us girls.

In this day and age however, I might lean toward thinking that our male population might benefit more from exploring this topic than our female population, but whether you are a male or a female, it is definitely something worth exploring if you want to know what it’s like to live a richer, juicier life.

Why?  Because a rich, juicy life has depth and it has purpose or meaning.  While spirituality, on the other hand, answers the age old question we seem to ask in our darkest hours which is ‘what’s it all about’?

And, because in the words of Socrates, ‘the unexplored life is not worth living’.

So today’s blog is all about getting you thinking and helping you to find the right answer to this question for yourself. Continue reading