My Harmonious Home Package


My Harmonious Home Package is my signature package.

It is a three stage approach where I combine all of my experience and expertise to help families have a happier, healthier experience of life.

 It includes:

Harmonious Home Holistic Feng Shui Consultation

(valued at $395)


Healthy Home Detox Consultation

(valued at $295)


Resilient Family Coaching Package

(valued at $695)

Total Value = $1,385.00

You can pay for each of these services individually, and pay $1,385


you can pay for the package as a whole at a reduced rate of just $999

(That’s a saving of $386)


you can join My Life Juice and receive access to ALL of these services – and more – for a yearly membership rate of just $12.50 per week (total cost of $650), or for a 2 yearly membership rate of just $7.50 per week (total cost of $780).

As a MEMBER, you can have each of these services, and more, delivered strategically to you over a 12 or 24 month period and you will save

That’s a saving of between $605.00 and $735.00 

Contact me to find out more about this intensive package