Heal Your Inner Child

Are you surrounded by lots of people, yet feel more lonely than ever?

Do you ever find yourself over-reaching, over-striving, over-compensating, over-committing, giving time and energy that you don’t have, and struggling to say no to other people?

And do you ever find yourself feeling inadequate, unappreciated, like it’s all just too hard, and that there’s just not enough joy, love, money, energy left over to fill your wants and needs?

Then this is for you.

Inner Child Play

Inside you is more than likely a very neglected and sad little person who is waiting patiently to be acknowledged and loved.

Real Healing Takes Place Here

Let me take you on a gentle inner voyage that will help you to re-connect with your inner child and heal your relationship.

During this private coaching session, I bring you face to face with your own inner child and teach you how to develop and maintain a healthy, loving relationship that honours all of you.

This private workshop runs for 60 – 90 minutes and you will be given your own copy of the workshop on USB to take home with you so you can indulge in this healing experience whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Cost = $180