You Can Heal Your LOVE Life

You Can Heal Your LOVE Life is a 2 part intensive coaching program for two types of people:

  1. those who  long to find their special someone, and
  2. those who have found their special someone but long to experience a deeper and more fulfilling relationship.


Rest assured that whatever it is you want to change about your love life, you will gain great insight through this program.

The first part of the program focuses on creating emotional space.  Using processes based on Louise L Hay’s principles, you will be amazed at how easy it is to identify the negative thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping you from fully enjoying a loving relationship.

Once we’ve identified and released any blocks you might have had, we will create a vision of your ideal partner and your ideal relationship.  Being able to articulate the types of experiences you want is an important part of Making Space for Love.

In the second part of the program you will learn how to apply some powerful Holistic Feng Shui principles to your primary living environment.  Creating physical space that will not only encourage, but nurture a deeply loving and mutually committed relationship is an important part of the process of Making Space for Love and you will be amazed at the insights you will learn during this session.

Fee = $195 for which includes 2 sessions and a workbook in e-format.

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3 thoughts on “You Can Heal Your LOVE Life

  1. Belinda (Binda)

    Yay!!! WOW and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Looking magnificent ! I would love to attend another of your workshops – so until we meet again I will continue to implement what you have enlightened me with and send you big hugs and kisses ! THANK YOU XOXOXOXO

  2. admin

    Can’t wait to hear how things unfold once you put everything into place Belinda. Don’t forget to contact me if you need any further guidance. <3

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