Why Being Deeply and Madly in Love with You Is So Important and 3 Ways You Can Start Falling for Yourself Today

Hi and Welcome to My Juicy Life Blog.  Because I am making it my business to help women live a richer, Juicier Life in 2016 I thought I would start with my favourite three steps for falling in love with yourself.

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Now so many people talk about the importance of loving yourself and why you should be doing it, and they are all probably right but I always found personally that anything I wanted to do always had a stronger pull on me than anything  I should do . So I want to give you the information you need that will make you want to fall madly in love yourself?

Very simply, you cannot have a deeply fulfilling, juicy life if you are not deeply and madly in love with yourself, and if you are not deeply and madly in love with yourself then you must be in some degree of pain.  It is one state or another. Think about the parts of you that you do love and think about the joy you get from them.  Now compare that with the parts of you that you don’t love and think about the joy you are not getting from them.  We tend to resist what we don’t love and resistance causes us to stay stuck or go backward in many ways.

Further to that, we really do reap what we sew and if we are feeling meh about ourselves, we are going to put meh energy into everything we do and get meh results bouncing back at us which is going to make us feel more meh.

There is nothing juicy and fulfilling about meh.  Meh is just meh.

So what am I talking about?  What does falling deeply and madly in love with yourself actually mean? I am talking about building and sustaining a spectacular relationship with yourself by becoming conscious of how you think about yourself, how you speak about yourself and what you do for yourself. That means thinking about yourself from a loving, supportive, compassionate and caring perspective.  It means talking about yourself in positive and uplifting ways.  And it means acting lovingly toward yourself.  It means seeing yourself as the star in your own life instead of the co-star of someone else’s life, and it means looking up to yourself as you would someone you truly love and admire and respect.  Imagine having a relationship like that with yourself?  What sort of energy would you bring to you life, to your work and to your other relationships if you felt like this about yourself?  And what sort of Juicy experiences would you sew in turn?

The three ways in which you can start loving yourself today are really guidelines to help you build your relationship and keep your relationship with yourself on the right track.

  1. Know Yourself

To know yourself you need to spend time with yourself, ask yourself great questions and listen to your heartfelt answers, just as you would if you were getting to know someone else.  Spend time journalling every day.  Explore your feelings around different events and circumstances.  Ask yourself how you would like things to be in your life.  Find out what really matters to you with a values exercise.  There are so many ways to explore who you are and scheduling time out for journalling is the best way I know to ensure you have the time and space to really know yourself.  As you get to know yourself I know you won’t be able to help but fall in love with yourself.

2. Love Yourself

Make the decision to love yourself.  Don’t wait for the feelings to show up.  Make the decision that you are going to love yourself no matter how you might feel at any given time and then act from that decision.  Love yourself as a mother loves a challenging child. She might not like that child at times but she will always choose what is in the child’s best interests because she loves him.

As challenging as it might be to start with, I guarantee that the feelings of love you want to have for yourself will show up pretty quickly the more you decide to act from a place of love.

3. Believe in Yourself

One of the greatest gifts of love one person can give to another is to believe in that someone in spite of how they are showing up to life.  Wherever you are right now, however you are feeling about yourself and your life, I encourage you to make the decision to believe in yourself in a way that possibly nobody has ever done for you before.  I am talking about being your own best friend and your own number one fan and making a pact with yourself that you will believe in your ability and your potential like your life depends on it.  I am also talking about no longer waiting for someone else to give you permission to believe in yourself and every time I think about doing this for myself I just want to cry from the deepest part of my being.  There is nothing juicier or more magical than backing yourself and taking a leap of faith in your own name.  It’s a powerful affirmation in action and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a Juicier Life in 2016.

If you are craving a rich, juicy and deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself then I highly recommend that you join me on the 21-Day Body Love Challenge which is starting in a couple of weeks.  Simply follow the links below to register for the program.

In my next blog, I will be talking about creating a Juicier Life in 2016 using Feng Shui and what you need to do to make the most of the energies of the Chinese Year of the Yang Fire Monkey.  It is going to be a very interesting year.

Until then I am looking forward to working with you, for you and alongside you while you create your very own Juicy Life in 2016


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