Powerful Women

There is nothing more amazing than a woman in her power.  Yet so many women don’t feel powerful in their lives.  They are too busy worrying about their relationships, or lack there of, their children, their bodies, their health, their work, their past, their future and their ability, or inability, to make it through another week intact.

Let us help you to cut through the crap and get the heart of what is stopping you from being everything you were put on this earth to be.

Whether you have forgiveness work, low self-esteem, fears and doubts or unmet needs, we can help you identify your blocks and turn them around quickly, so that you can spend more time really enjoying yourself and the life you work so hard to build and maintain.

Check out the following coaching programs:

Resilient Woman

based on the 6 Keys To Happiness

Love Yourself Heal Your Life

based on the work of Louise Hay

Inner Child Workshop

based on the work of Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your Love Life

based on the work of Louise Hay

Learn to Meditate

for Health and Wellbeing


21 Days of Body Love for Women

Online Program