Meet Louise

One of my most inspirational mentors is Louise Hay. I first read You Can Heal Your Life in the early 90’s and have been continually astounded ever since by the accuracy of “The List” that rests quietly in the latter part of her book. In fact, I have referred to it so often I just about know every thought pattern behind every ailment on the “List”.

Apparently, the information was collected over a 2 year period in Louise’s counselling work life when she recorded her clients’ physical conditions as well as the correlating emotional issues they presented with.  After collating the information she had collected, Louise noticed a lot of similarities , and voila, “The List” was created.

Further to the similarities that existed between the various physical and emotional states, Louise found that there was another similarity that lied beneath every dis-ease – be it physical or emotional – and that was a feeling of not being good enough.

Someone else who has been a great inspiration to me in my life once said:

“The truth is what the truth is and we can’t help but recognise it when we see it.”

This is what I experience when I work with “The List” and with the processes that Louise refers back to time and again in order to bring healing to anyone and everyone who takes the time to do the work and build awareness of their own limiting beliefs.

If something isn’t working in your life, there is a lie that is holding you back from being everything you were meant to be.  Email me at to find out how you can move on.

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