The Human Race

Nobody starts the human race at the same starting line.  We are all born to different parents with various levels of skill, emotional maturity and intelligence.  We are born into various climates with a variety of opportunities and disadvantages.   We are also born into different political environments which can have a huge influence on our potential as human beings.  There are so many different dynamics involved and yet we still compare ourselves to others and often judge ourselves, or others, to be lacking.

The only person you ever really work on is yourself” ~ Louise L Hay

Accepting that the only person you are ever competing with is yourself can mark a significant turning point in your life.  Recognising your own starting line and your own personal growth and achievements, setting goals that are meaningful to you rather than for the approval of others, making decisions that are best for you and your welfare and your health – be it financial, physical or emotional – these are all attributes of someone who has decided to love and approve of themselves just the way they are.

My wish for you is that you might know the peace that comes from running your own race.

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