Three Steps To Living The REAL Dream

In today’s blog I want to talk more about living a richer, juicier life and what it takes to really live the dream.

Many of the women I know and work with want ‘more’ in their lives but they don’t know what that is or how to manifest it for themselves.  They just know they want it, and in between their busy-ness, in those few moments when they are not running toward something, their hearts ache for it.

That thing they seek seems to be illusive and unreachable and some women develop what feels like an unfillable black hole within so they come to believe that if only they were able to become ‘more’ then they would find what they are looking for and finally fill that hole.

Goals around beauty and wealth and success are set and scheduled into the calendar because these women ‘know’ that when they attain those goals that will fill the emptiness.  They will be loved and free and filled with joy forever more.  That promise alone gives them hope that they will finally be happy, but it also keeps them so busy that they don’t notice that it actually takes them further away from what it is that they are really longing for.

A rich, juicy life goes so much deeper than the type of happiness that is attained from following that course of action.

A rich, juicy life is a deeply fulfilling life that doesn’t depend on outer circumstances for it’s existence.

A rich, juicy life starts with a feeling and then it naturally develops into an action which then produces a result that grows and sustains the original feeling.

Have you or someone you know ever achieved an amazing goal only to find that you didn’t feel the way you thought you would feel when you got there?  Have you ever gone into a deep depression after an achievement of that sort? Have you ever been bewildered by how all that hard work did not do anything to advance you in your original quest to fill the emotional black hole that is now growing even bigger inside you?

What happens next is many women set bigger and better goals and work themselves even harder than before, believing they just have to work a little bit harder and get a little bit better and then, then they will find their happy place and the love they are looking for.

The problem is that thinking you need to be ‘more’ in order to be happier is an affirmation of a belief that you are not enough just as you are and that belief is what actually needs to change.

When anyone sets a goal to be ‘more’ because their heart is aching for ‘more’ they might reach that goal, and that could be a wonderful  achievement. But, because they set it from a place or a feeling of emptiness, the feeling they are going to experience ‘more’ of, once the hype and adulation has passed, is just more emptiness.

I don’t actually know anyone who is feeling empty and longing for more in their lives because they are not enough.  But I do know a lot of women who are feeling empty and longing for more in their lives because they believe they are not enough.

So how does one really create a rich, juicy and deeply fulfilling life?  Here is my recipe:

  1. Know you are enough.  You might not feel it and you might not believe it but just know it because it is true.  We don’t need to believe in the law of gravity to know it is true and experience the results of it.  Stop waiting to feel like you are enough and just accept the fact that you are.

2. Focus on the feeling you want to feel in each moment by filling your life with things that make you feel the way you want to feel.  It is never the “things” you want to feel a certain way.  It is the feeling you believe is associated with that thing you are seeking.  If you want more love in your life, as so many women I know do, then get into that feeling as much as you possibly can.  Lots of people do this by practicing gratitude which is so powerful.  I do it by thinking about my partner and my children and my creator.  I feel so much love when I do that and I feel like the richest woman on the planet when I do.  I also spend lots of time at the waterfront and with people I love and listening to my gospel music which I love and doing work that I love.  Resign yourself to spending a lifetime exploring your inner world and getting to know what really lights you up.  Try new things that interest you.  Give yourself new experiences.  Follow your bliss as they say.

3. Follow your inspired thoughts and desires.  They will lead you to new ways to experience the state of being you want to live in and the outer conditions you want will show up in much bigger ways than you could have imagined.  Inspired thoughts for me are the things that come to me in the early hours of the morning before my brain is fully awake.  They are the ideas and thoughts that light me up and make me want to jump out of bed.  For some people they come in the shower or during the stillness of meditation but they usually come when our brains are busy doing other things.

A rich, juicy, inner life is something that I think few people really know and while my own experience of such a life isn’t really altered by how others experience their lives, I do love helping other people to know what a rich, juicy life feels like for themselves.

Until next time…

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