Two Things That Will Get You Through The Toughest Times

A rich, juicy life is not a perfect life. It’s a flawed life with a side of courage, determination and optimism.  It has drama and it has losses but it also has successes.  What makes it unique is you.  You determine who you are going to be and how you are going to experience what life delivers to you.

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I don’t know what challenges you might be facing right now but life likes to deliver a variety of challenges to us all.  You might be going through a marriage breakup, you might have a defiant teen who seems determined to self-destruct, or you might be caring for someone who is terminally ill.  You might even be dealing with all three of those things at once.

It is when life is toughest though, that we find out what we are made of or what our default programming is.  Are we as strong as we like to think or do we cower and give up in the face of adversity?

Through my own challenges over the years I have seen myself do a bit of both and it is most interesting to watch yourself reacting to life’s greatest challenges because in those moments, when the chips are down as they say, you are acting on autopilot and it is very revealing.

Regardless of what you are going through right now, I want you to know that there are just two things you need to focus on when things are really tough and you don’t know how to move forward.

These 2 things alone will get you through the storms of life in the best possible condition, and if you can imagine a storm literally raging around you right now, these two things will help you to find the calm in the eye of the storm and help you to continue to function until the storm passes.  (And FYI storms always pass.)

The two things you need to focus on are:

  1. Tell the truth, and
  2. Do the right thing.

The first thing you need to do is stay in your truth.  By that I mean get clear about what is happening for you and communicate with others from your truth.  If you are scared, be scared.  Don’t act out your fear through anger or frustration at your loved ones.

If you are scared for a loved one, tell them you are scared for them.  Don’t try to manipulate their behaviour through angry outbursts or power assertions.  Just tell them the truth and ask for what you want.  You might just get it.

Ask yourself:  What is my truth in this situation?  How am I feeling about it?  What do I want out of this?  What do I really need in order to get through this?  What is possible for me here?

Awareness give us strength.

The second thing is to do the right thing in any situation you find yourself in.  You know what that is.  Don’t cut corners or take short cuts.  Whatever is going on, make sure you do the right thing regardless of who is watching.

You certainly can’t expect the people around you to do the right thing by you if you are not willing to do it yourself.  And you will remain in a much stronger position, emotionally and mentally if you are not looking over your shoulder.  But don’t do it so you can use it as leverage over others.  Just do it because it is right.

Whatever your storm is right now, know that by focusing on these 2 things you will come out the other side in the best possible condition and there is a good chance you might even lessen the severity of the storm simply by doing these two things.

Until next time…

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