What Are You Here For?

Purpose gives meaning to life in a huge way and meaning gives depth to our experiences which is what makes our life rich and juicy.

Do you know what your purpose is?

I remember many years ago hearing a motivation speaker pointing out that de-sire can be broken down to mean ‘of God’ and I realised I’d had a program running that told me it was selfish to desire something because when I heard that it was like I’d been given permission to have my wants without any guilt or shame.  It was a totally liberating experience to say the least.

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To live a rich, juicy life, you have to listen to your heart and live from that place, so imagine the inner conflict and turmoil that exists if you are brought up to believe that you are selfish for wanting something for yourself?

Many women I know are programed in that way and they are conflicted on a daily basis.

99% of people have a mass of unfulfilled potential deep within them that is yearning to be released. Your potential may be to launch a charity, to create a new invention, to solve a social issue in your community. Your potential may be to be the most amazing mum (but you’re stuck in a job) or to paint, write poetry or a book. Whatever the potential is that is within you, if you resist that need to “conform” and to “play safe” not only will you change your life, you will undoubtedly change the world.”

~ Mark Bowness
Life Change The Revolution

What would happen if you decided to listen to your heart and started following the call from deep within?  What would it tell you to do?  Where would it tell you to go?  And with whom?  What would you create?  What difference would you make?  How would you feel?

Today I would like to give you permission to explore your desires even if for just a moment, to soften your resolve for long enough to get in touch with that “mass of unfulfilled potential deep within that is yearning to be released”, and to allow your imagination to take you wherever you need to go in order to experience the fulfillment that comes from living a life on purpose.

You know why you are here.  Share your real self with the world <3

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