Client Testimonials

Feedback from various presentations include:

“I loved your talk, so interesting and engaging!!  Can’t wait to read your 2 books that I bought!! ”

~ Beatrice Peters wrote this after my Grow Up presentation for the ADHD Beyond All Limits Conference.

“We thought Deborah Fay was informative and very thorough especially on Co-Dependency and Emotional Intelligence, she explained these topics well putting the content into practical examples which made it easier to understand. She was very factual with her information and touched on holistic self-care whilst maintaining a high degree of professionalism.  Fantastic presentation.”

~ Deb Stephens and her Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention students from Caboolture TAFE wrote this after my Practical Applications of Emotional Intelligence Presentation.

“Deborah Fay spoke at our recent support group meeting for parents of children living with ADHD.  We found that Deborah had tailored her talk to really relate to the audience.  The talk was informative and interesting and Deborah was able to stay on and continue talking with us after the presentation, which was really useful.  I would highly recommend Deborah to any group.”

~ Paula Burgess Founder of Beyond The Maze wrote this after a Raising Resilient Children Presentation.

“Everyone’s been raving about your presentation! Lots of ‘coulds’ instead of ‘shoulds’ going around! Well done!”

~ Melissa Bailey from the Pandora Parent Group wrote this after my 6 Keys To Happiness Presentation at their inaugural meeting:

Feedback from Counselling Clients:

Chris and Jim wrote:  Hi Deb, thank you so much for your help.  We are great.  We are enjoying life and each other very much <3

Donna wrote:  Deb, you saved my marriage.  I really thought it was over but after talking with you I went back and he opened up to me.  I can’t thank you enough.

Charmaine wrote:  I am writing to cancel our next appointment.  It seems strangely redundant at this point due to the fact that we have been so happy recently. I realise there will always be twists and turns and that we will have to continue working on our marriage but we will not become complacent.

I am so eternally grateful for the role you have played in getting us back on track.  Thank you so much for everything.  You are a beautiful soul and so good at what you do.  We are blessed to have found you.

Donna Wrote:  My son is a changed child according to all reports.  He has been perfect and I am very proud of him for turning things around.  Thank you so much for your help Deb.  This is a good outcome.

Amanda wrote:  I reached out to Deborah to help fix the problems in my relationship with my son’s father.  I wanted a quick fix and had a sense of extreme urgency.  I went into our first family session explaining to her who I wanted to be and why most of the problems fell directly on my shoulders.  She said something to me that struck a cord but didn’t really resonate into meaning.  She said, ‘Amanda, instead of focusing on who you think you should be, lets just focus on who you are’.  Those words are now the foundation of my wellbeing.
Deborah has provided an open and non-judgemental space that has allowed me to be vulnerable and truthful.  The feeling of trust she’s provided has enabled me to let go and search deep down inside.  Looking back, every question she’s asked, every laugh we shared, every tear I cried (and there were many) allowed me to regain awareness of who I am.  I walked in being selfish, controlling, angry, fearful, sad, lonely, hating myself and allowing it to control every moment of everyday.  I now feel I belong in this world.  All days aren’t perfect but instead of fixing me, Deborah has helped me to deal with life in an emotionally healthy way.  She’s helped me to see the wonderful person I am, was and always will be, that was hidden under years of pain.

Rachel writes:  I can highly recommend Deborah Fay. Deb’s guidance has helped me move forward in life in leaps & bounds over the past 12months. I was in a very dark place, I was very unhappy, depressed constantly & very stuck in life experiencing bad anxiety because I had no clue how to change a single thing. One year on & life is looking 100% brighter & my future looking positive & not scary anymore. Highly recommend her!

Sandy writes:  Hi Deb!  I just realised today how differently I’m feeling about this house since I fixed up the front.  I moved my bed and am sleeping like a baby! Already I feel much more energised.  I’m pretty happy with how it’s going and very grateful for your support and energy Deb 🙂

Rachel writes:  I’m so incredibly thankful that I found the courage to call you Deb & come see you. My life felt totally out of my control, I felt overwhelmed & at a total loss, stuck to know how to fix it all on my own. From the very first time talking with you, I felt relief, I wasn’t alone, you cared, you were there to listen & not judge me. After each session, I felt clearer in my head & stronger to take the steps I needed to start working out those issues that were weighing me down. I am now on a much better path in life thanks to your gentle guidance. Thank you for helping me find my way again.

Here’s what a few clients had to say after participating in the Love Yourself Heal Your Life Coaching Program:

Vicki wrote:  I feel good and I like that there is much for me to think about and learn.

The tools you taught me were good and I will do more of that at home.  I know that I will think a lot about what we talked about and more will come out over the coming weeks.

This was a great experience.  It gave me plenty to think about, lots of self-reflection, and it was interesting some different things that came up for me.

Deborah is a great coach and very in tune.  It was an interesting program and moved along at a good pace.

Helen wrote:  I found Deb very helpful and had some great revelations.  Now I am feeling light, happy and excited about the future.  Thank you.

Lynn wrote:  I’m feeling much lighter.  I feel like I can deal with my demons and start facing them.

I felt totally safe to share and now I feel empowered.  I have the tools I need to help me in the future.

Karen wrote: Was I satisfied with the outcome?  Yes.  It was everything I hoped for and more.  It was a very healing experience for me. Thank you  

Thank you for a wonderful experience and for creating the opportunity to help people to heal the hurts in their lives. With respect

Irene wrote:  I felt truly nurtured.  I learnt new ways of seeing things in a nurturing, safe environment.

Deb is a wise and wonderful coach who has helped me to access new pathways of understanding in a safe and nurturing way.

Here’s what a few participants had to say after experiencing the You Can Heal Your LOVE Life Coaching program:

Christine  says “Very good, excellent.  You were very informative and helped me a great deal in understanding my negative beliefs about men.  Thank you.”

Belinda says “You are a wealth of knowledge, a caring and beautiful person.  I had an intense emotional release and now have lots to think about and work on.”

“Your ideas were practical and truly soul searching.”

Marisa says “Deb, you are amazing.  Truly gifted.  I had a powerful experience.  I had many realisations into why I was blocking true love into my life.  Thank you so very much.”

“You have given me a special gift and the insight to be able to attract my soul mate into my life now.”

Vicki says “Deborah you are an inspirational, motivational and knowledgeable facilitator.  I learned a whole new concept of feng shui.  Thanks for sharing your gifts.”

Here’s what a few people had to say after delivering an extended version of the Resilient Teens program to four groups of students at Arethusa College:

D Stevo wrote:  Deb is very patient and calm.  She builds relationships easily and quickly and is respected by those she works with.

Deb is warm and consistent and as a result she naturally commands respect from her teenage participants.

Mel Todd from Stellar Solutions wrote:

“I have worked with Deb for over a year now and during this time she has displayed the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in some very challenging situations.  One of Deb’s key assignments last year was to be the main facilitator for a social and emotional resiliency program at Arethusa College.  Arethusa is a college situated at Burpengary  which caters for students who are at risk of disengaging from secondary school.

Deb’s first challenge was to tailor an existing social and emotional resiliency program (My Friends Youth from the Pathways organisation) to meet the needs of these particular teenage students with specific needs.  Some of them were dealing with intellectual disabilities whilst others were coping with incredibly challenging home situations and many had been in trouble with the police.  The course content and materials had to take into consideration the needs of all these boys ranging from grades 7 – 12.

I participated in the course on several occasions and observed Deb in action.  Deb has an incredible ability to think very quickly on her feet and steer potentially volatile situations into positive outcomes.  It was necessary for her to build trust quickly with the boys and encourage them to open up and see their lives in a different perspective.  The staff at the school commented on how impressed they were with Deb’s ability to steer the workshops and gain respect from the students.  The school noted many positive effects of the course on the boys including their willingness to set goals and work with Deb to find strategies to achieve these goals.

I believe that many of the boys challenged Deb to find out how quickly she would give up on them, just as many others in their lives had given up on them.  Deb refused to give up and through her persistence, I believe, gave these students some key skills which should help to guide them through life.

I would happily recommend Deb for any work involved with counselling: I believe she has a gift for this.”

Lynnette Hussey Principal at Arethusa College wrote:

“The goal of our college is to provide a new start to students who are at risk of disengaging from secondary school, need these skills more than most students. With this in mind, we engaged the Pathways to Resilience Trust and Stellar Solutions to deliver a social and emotional resiliency program based on the FRIENDS program.  I have had previous experience of the program and know how important these skills are for all kids.

The team, led by Deborah Fay, Counsellor and experienced Personal Development Workshop Facilitator and supported by Jo Christmas, Psychologist and occupational health practice nurse, have just spent 11 weeks working with our students.

The program is designed to provide emotional intelligence, optimism and problem solving skills with one of the key messages being how to respond to situations rather than react through learning to control our emotions effectively.

The program did present the students with some challenging concepts and we have noticed some significant and positive changes in many of the boys including their level of engagement in the program, willingness to set a goal, put steps in place to address it and report back on positive results.    We believe these skills will be invaluable to them as they venture beyond the school gates into adulthood.  We thank the service providers for their professionalism and ability to adapt to an often challenging environment.”