How To Adult


Today I want to talk about Adulting – what is it, how to do it, how to teach your children to do it and why it is particularly difficult for co-dependents to do. This blog is for women who struggle with life, or aspects of it, including relationships or parenting , curbing bad habits or

Ten signs you are in a co-dependent relationship and what to do if you are


In this week’s blog I wanted to talk about programming – how it happens and how our unconscious minds then determine all of our experiences throughout life. I especially wanted to talk about Co-dependency which is a particularly insidious program and one that I am intimately familiar with as it runs deep within my family. Co-dependency

The Measure Of A Man: The 5 Stages Of Emotional IQ and 2 Things We Can All Do Right Now To Reduce Domestic Violence

thoughtful man

This week in my blog I want to bring greater understanding to the process of developing Emotional Intelligence and show you how it applies to relationships in general, and to Domestic Violence in particular. With two women every week losing their life as a result of Domestic Violence, and given that we have to dedicate