Welcome to My Juicy Life.

My name is Deborah Fay and I offer a range of products and services specifically designed to support women who are struggling with big challenges and big emotions, including things such as:

  • living with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem
  • struggling with feelings of intense loneliness, overwhelmgrief or hurt
  • trying to manage chronic stress or a physical illness that is taking it’s toll
  • living in an unfulfilling, unhappy or unacceptable relationship with a partner 
  • going through a relationship breakdown
  • going through a family communication breakdown
  • struggling to co-parent after a breakup, or
  • struggling to support a child who is going through an emotionally tough time.

Women work with me because I provide a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space where they can download, emotionally rest and gain a deeper understanding around what they are going through, before they determine what it is they want and need to be able to move forward in a powerful and positive way.  Then I provide them with what guidance and support they need as they get back on track to creating a life that matters to them.

Couples work with me because I create a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space where they can explore the issues that keep them from enjoying the loving and nurturing relationships they desire.  Whether there is infidelity, addiction or just seemingly incompatible points of view, it is possible to heal, recalibrate and grow even closer with commitment and perseverance.

Mums work with me when communication has broken down at home or when her children are struggling with big emotions and Mum and Dad don’t know how to help them.  There might be behaviour issues associated with developmental delays or a child might be experiencing anxiety or depression.  In more serious cases there might be self-harming or risk-taking behaviours that are really concerning for everyone and might be impacting negatively on others within the family unit.  In these situations I help parents to identify and address underlying issues and provide any guidance or education they need to help them get back on track to being a healthy, family unit.

I offer:

  • Holistic Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Communication Coaching
  • Meditation Courses
  • Heal Your Life Work for Adults and Teens
  • Emotional Resilience Coaching for Teens, Pre-Teens and Adults
  • Books and
  • Online Courses

Call or email now to find out exactly how you I can help you.

  1. Call or text Deborah Fay on 0408 735 936.
  2. Email Deborah at [email protected] 


60 minute session (standard) $90

Face to face or via Skype

Tuesday 12pm to 7pm
Wednesday 12pm to 7pm
Thursday 12pm to 7pm

Phone or Text
0408 735 936

[email protected]

17 Spencer Avenue
Deception Bay Qld 4508

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