Hello and welcome to My Juicy Life and the Positively Inspirational Personal Development Club for women who crave a richer, juicier, more fulfilling life.

My name is Deborah Fay.  I absolutely love Personal Development and I am particularly passionate about teaching others to understand and develop Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Confidence.

In the past I have mostly worked in the areas of Relationship Counselling, Counselling and Personal Development for women, as well as Family Counselling and Childhood Development.

Now I am busy creating products and services that help women to grow and create richer, juicier lives for themselves and for their families.

I offer:

  • Books and Personal Journals
  • Online courses
  • Online Coaching in Relationships, Communication, Emotional Confidence and Emotional Resilience
  • Meditation Courses
  • Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life programs

Take a look around the site to find out how I can help you create the richer, juicer, more fulfilling life you have longed for.

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