Ten signs you are in a co-dependent relationship and what to do if you are

In this week’s blog I wanted to talk about programming – how it happens and how our unconscious minds then determine all of our experiences throughout life.
I especially wanted to talk about Co-dependency which is a particularly insidious program and one that I am intimately familiar with as it runs deep within my family.
Co-dependency is also something that shows up in my counselling practice on a regular basis as it likes to reveal itself in the relationships of many a hopeful couple in a reasonably short space of time.
There are many ways in which co-dependent programming manifests in our lives so if you are struggling in your relationships or in one relationship in particular, then listen in, find out if co-dependency is an issue for you and what you can do about it if it is.

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What is self-worth and where did mine go? Three practical steps to rebuild self-worth.

Self-worth and self-esteem are very similar and both have an enormous impact on how we go through life.  Women, young and old, are constantly bombarded with images of how we are supposed to look and act, and depending on the measuring stick we choose to use to determine our self-worth, we can easily find ourselves feeling really down and out because we feel worthless and unappreciated as we are.

There seems to be constant pressure to be better, be prettier, be slimmer, be smarter, look younger, be more savvy, be a better mum, have better kids, be a sexier partner, be a better daughter, earn more money, stretch the budget further, have a cleaner home, have a better home in a better suburb, drive a newer car, and the list goes on and on.

Is it any wonder so many people don’t feel good enough?  And to add insult to injury, we don’t just beat ourselves up for not being good enough, we do it to other women.

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with all of that and every time we measure ourselves against all of that and we come up short we are in danger of our self-worth and self-esteem being eroded further and further which is so damaging.

Today I wanted to look at how we develop self-worth and give you 3 ways in which you can develop yours so that you can stop feeling miserable and start feeling better about who you are right away. Continue reading

Are you a learner or a loser? 3 ways to get unstuck when life is not fair

In today’s blog I want to look at the way in which we approach the unfair circumstances in life and I am asking the question are you a learner or a loser.

It sounds harsh, I know but if you have ever had a situation in life where you have been treated unfairly, or you have seen someone you know treated unfairly, or if you are one of those people who gets angry at the all too many news reports of someone being treated unfairly and if you feel passionate about correcting the wrongs in this world then this question is definitely for you. Continue reading

What does our Emotional IQ have to do with Freedom of Speech?

As long as I can remember there has been a lot of talk about our rights as individuals in a democratic society and about what freedom of speech is.

Without a doubt my peers and I have grown up in the fastest period of growth and change for all of mankind, but particularly  for women.

I was born in the early 60’s when many women only worked until they married at which point it was expected that they would have children and care for their husbands full-time.  You could pay off a home on one wage.  My aunty had what was known as a Glory Box which was full of hand embroidered doylies, tablecloths and other household goodies and she worked to fill it in preparation for married life.  Mum had a machine in the laundry with two rollers that she hand fed every item of clothing through in order to squeeze out the excess water prior to placing on the line, we only had one car, the TV was black and white and we had to get up and go over to it to change the channels or adjust the volume. Continue reading

How Important Is Spirituality To A Rich, Juicy Life?

In today’s blog I am asking the question: How important is spirituality to a rich, juicy life?

Now most of my readership is made up of women and it is not too difficult, as a general rule, to get a good discussion going about spirituality and explore the impact it has on us girls.

In this day and age however, I might lean toward thinking that our male population might benefit more from exploring this topic than our female population, but whether you are a male or a female, it is definitely something worth exploring if you want to know what it’s like to live a richer, juicier life.

Why?  Because a rich, juicy life has depth and it has purpose or meaning.  While spirituality, on the other hand, answers the age old question we seem to ask in our darkest hours which is ‘what’s it all about’?

And, because in the words of Socrates, ‘the unexplored life is not worth living’.

So today’s blog is all about getting you thinking and helping you to find the right answer to this question for yourself. Continue reading

Five Powerful Things You Can Do To Help Yourself When You Are In Emotional Pain

Today I wanted to talk about ways to process through deeply painful emotions that might be impacting various areas of your life and about emotions that you can’t seem to move beyond.

Something I see a lot of in my counselling practice are women who have been wronged.  They have been let down by someone close – their partner, a parent, one of their children, a sibling or a friend – and they are in a world of pain.

They feel disappointed, hurt, rejected and alone and they are not only angry, they resent the fact that they have been hurt and they don’t understand why when they try so hard.  The pain they are feeling eats away at them as everywhere they go their pain goes with them.  They have talked to everyone they can think of to help them understand and try to relieve their pain but instead of feeling better, they only seem to feel worse.

Today I wanted to share some really effective ideas for processing through a really painful event and the feelings that you might have a result so that you can move forward without all that emotional baggage weighing you down, stealing all of your joy and sucking the juice out of your juicy life.

Motivator Tony Robbins refers to e-motions as energy in motion and it is my personal experience as well as my experience as a counsellor that we get into trouble when our emotions get stuck.

Getting in to action is a great way to move energy and deal with emotional pain so following are 5 things you can do to help yourself when you are in pain.

  1. Give yourself permission to have your feelings.

Know that if someone has done something to hurt you then you have every right to your feelings.  A lot of women get stuck here and it creates an emotional pressure cooker for them.  They put themselves through all sorts of turmoil because they have been raised (or programed) to be good girls and good girls are supposed to speak and act nicely all the time. This is the biggest lie and you were told this so that you wouldn’t complain or make the people around you feel uncomfortable.  Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you don’t have a right to your feelings.  And especially don’t do that to yourself.

2. Stop resisting.

Know that resistance is useless.  Feelings are neither right nor wrong.  They just are what they are so the best thing you can do is stop judging your feelings and just accept that you have them and even if you don’t understand them or their intensity, they are your feelings and you have them for a reason.

3. Separate fact from fiction.

Learning the difference between fact and fiction in a situation has the power to change your whole outlook and as a result, change your feelings. When I ask clients to define what actually happened to them, and when they stick with the facts, their stories are often quite short.

When I ask them what they thought was happening at the time, or what they were afraid might have been happening, their stories become long and complicated and this is often where most of their painful emotions are generated from.

Being able to see the difference often changes how a client feels about what happened and can take a great deal of pain out of the situation.

4. Identify your feelings.

It is important to be able to name what you are feeling and take note of how intense your feelings are on a scale of 1 – 10.  When I spoke about Emotional Intelligence and the 5 steps to emotional maturity in the video I did for The Measure Of A Man, I put a lot of weight onto our ability to articulate our feelings and identify their intensity in order to be able to adequately manage them.

What I have learned is that it is when we can name the precise feeling we are experiencing, we know it, and then we almost automatically know what we need in order to soothe ourselves and heal our pain.  I cannot stress how powerful this step is if we truly want to move forward and be free of the pain we have been carrying around with us.

If you find yourself bringing things up from the past every time you get upset then there is a good chance you have not yet got this step right and until you are able to name the feeling associated with the event, you will keep bringing it up and going over it again and again.

5. Ask yourself what you need?

The answer to this question will come easier and more quickly if you have correctly identified your feelings, and it might surprise you when you realise what it is that you need to feel better. When the answer comes to you, however, it is important to commit to following through and doing what you need to do in order to heal.  Otherwise the pain will grow and it will be compounded by the fact that you didn’t bother to act in your own best interest.

As a counsellor, the best thing I can do for my clients is to ask powerful questions and these are about the most powerful questions I can ask.

I encourage you to print this up and put it somewhere that you can easily find it because it really is a powerful way to process through difficult emotions and you can even use it to help someone you love – a partner, a child, a parent or a friend – to process through their pain.

And finally, if you would like to learn more about emotional intelligence and how you can be happier then you will find heaps more information in my book 6 Keys To Happiness which is available at MJL Publications.

Until next time…

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6 Keys To Happiness
If you would like to take yourself on a 21-Day Body Love Challenge to heal physical and emotional wounds follow this link:
21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women
21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women

I look forward to working with you and alongside you while you create your very own Juicy Life in 2016

Three Steps To Living The REAL Dream

In today’s blog I want to talk more about living a richer, juicier life and what it takes to really live the dream.

Many of the women I know and work with want ‘more’ in their lives but they don’t know what that is or how to manifest it for themselves.  They just know they want it, and in between their busy-ness, in those few moments when they are not running toward something, their hearts ache for it.

That thing they seek seems to be illusive and unreachable and some women develop what feels like an unfillable black hole within so they come to believe that if only they were able to become ‘more’ then they would find what they are looking for and finally fill that hole.

Goals around beauty and wealth and success are set and scheduled into the calendar because these women ‘know’ that when they attain those goals that will fill the emptiness.  They will be loved and free and filled with joy forever more.  That promise alone gives them hope that they will finally be happy, but it also keeps them so busy that they don’t notice that it actually takes them further away from what it is that they are really longing for.

A rich, juicy life goes so much deeper than the type of happiness that is attained from following that course of action.

A rich, juicy life is a deeply fulfilling life that doesn’t depend on outer circumstances for it’s existence.

A rich, juicy life starts with a feeling and then it naturally develops into an action which then produces a result that grows and sustains the original feeling.

Have you or someone you know ever achieved an amazing goal only to find that you didn’t feel the way you thought you would feel when you got there?  Have you ever gone into a deep depression after an achievement of that sort? Have you ever been bewildered by how all that hard work did not do anything to advance you in your original quest to fill the emotional black hole that is now growing even bigger inside you?

What happens next is many women set bigger and better goals and work themselves even harder than before, believing they just have to work a little bit harder and get a little bit better and then, then they will find their happy place and the love they are looking for.

The problem is that thinking you need to be ‘more’ in order to be happier is an affirmation of a belief that you are not enough just as you are and that belief is what actually needs to change.

When anyone sets a goal to be ‘more’ because their heart is aching for ‘more’ they might reach that goal, and that could be a wonderful  achievement. But, because they set it from a place or a feeling of emptiness, the feeling they are going to experience ‘more’ of, once the hype and adulation has passed, is just more emptiness.

I don’t actually know anyone who is feeling empty and longing for more in their lives because they are not enough.  But I do know a lot of women who are feeling empty and longing for more in their lives because they believe they are not enough.

So how does one really create a rich, juicy and deeply fulfilling life?  Here is my recipe:

  1. Know you are enough.  You might not feel it and you might not believe it but just know it because it is true.  We don’t need to believe in the law of gravity to know it is true and experience the results of it.  Stop waiting to feel like you are enough and just accept the fact that you are.

2. Focus on the feeling you want to feel in each moment by filling your life with things that make you feel the way you want to feel.  It is never the “things” you want to feel a certain way.  It is the feeling you believe is associated with that thing you are seeking.  If you want more love in your life, as so many women I know do, then get into that feeling as much as you possibly can.  Lots of people do this by practicing gratitude which is so powerful.  I do it by thinking about my partner and my children and my creator.  I feel so much love when I do that and I feel like the richest woman on the planet when I do.  I also spend lots of time at the waterfront and with people I love and listening to my gospel music which I love and doing work that I love.  Resign yourself to spending a lifetime exploring your inner world and getting to know what really lights you up.  Try new things that interest you.  Give yourself new experiences.  Follow your bliss as they say.

3. Follow your inspired thoughts and desires.  They will lead you to new ways to experience the state of being you want to live in and the outer conditions you want will show up in much bigger ways than you could have imagined.  Inspired thoughts for me are the things that come to me in the early hours of the morning before my brain is fully awake.  They are the ideas and thoughts that light me up and make me want to jump out of bed.  For some people they come in the shower or during the stillness of meditation but they usually come when our brains are busy doing other things.

A rich, juicy, inner life is something that I think few people really know and while my own experience of such a life isn’t really altered by how others experience their lives, I do love helping other people to know what a rich, juicy life feels like for themselves.

Until next time…

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6 Keys To Happiness
If you would like to take yourself on a 21-Day Body Love Challenge to heal physical and emotional wounds follow this link:
21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women
21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women

I look forward to working with you and alongside you while you create your very own Juicy Life in 2016

The Measure Of A Man: The 5 Stages Of Emotional IQ and 2 Things We Can All Do Right Now To Reduce Domestic Violence

This week in my blog I want to bring greater understanding to the process of developing Emotional Intelligence and show you how it applies to relationships in general, and to Domestic Violence in particular.

With two women every week losing their life as a result of Domestic Violence, and given that we have to dedicate the entire month of May specifically to the prevention of Domestic Violence, I know we all agree that the direction we are heading in needs to change.

Children are losing their mothers, parents are losing their daughters, siblings are losing their sisters and there is no undo button for what can only be described as an absolute tragedy every time a woman has her life taken from her as a result of a domestic dispute.

Of course, death is the extreme outcome of the problem and there are many more women who are suffering – mostly in silence – from repeated bouts of abuse and physical violence toward them.

I am very pleased to see that a television advertising campaign has been launched that is generating thought and conversation around the issue.  Learning to show respect for women starting at a very young age is an important part of the solution in my opinion, but I believe the issue runs much deeper, and that there are a couple of stages of emotional growth that need to be addressed even before we start thinking about how we feel toward others or how we are impacting on them.

Today I want to show you the 5 stages of emotional growth that we must go through in order to become functional and responsible decision makers in all areas of our lives.  When we understand how emotional maturity comes to be, we can effectively direct ourselves and our children toward attaining emotional maturity, and when we attain emotional maturity, we are most unlikely to ‘lose control’ or harm anyone, including ourselves, and we certainly wouldn’t take a person’s life.

Stage 1 is Self-Awareness

This is the stage where we learn to (i) articulate what we are feeling and (ii) adequately identify the intensity of our feelings.  These are not skills we are – or are not – born with.  These are skills we learn and if we are lucky, we have great role models in our lives who model these skills for us from a very early age.

Stage 2 is Self-Management

Self-Management literally refers to our ability to manage ourselves in a functional manner once we are aware of our feelings and the intensity of them.

I cannot overstate the importance of these 2 stages with regard to our emotional maturity.  Until we understand and implement the skills associated with the first 2 stages of emotional intelligence, we are not in control of ourselves. We are loose canons at the mercy of people and events outside of ourselves and we cannot be sure how we might behave in various circumstances.

Domestic Violence is not the only potential outcome for someone who is in pain and unaware of their feelings and the intensity of them.  Self-harm often occurs here in many forms including extreme risk-taking, cutting and harmful addictive behaviours.  There is always a lot of unrecognised, unexplored and unresolved pain beneath these harmful behaviours.

It is not unnatural either, to believe that if the people around us would just change the way they do things then we would be much happier and easier to get along with, but how disempowering is that perspective?  We would all be waiting a long time to be happy if our happiness and “good moods” were dependent on the choices others made in their lives.

Emotional maturity is being able to manage ourselves and our behaviour regardless of what is going on around us and until we fully understand that, we can never be truly happy.  Nor can we be relied upon to behave response-ably.

This is the first area where we can, as individuals, have the biggest impact on Domestic Violence in our society.  We can make sure we are managing ourselves for starters.  We can practice naming our feelings and judging their intensity and then we can explore what we can do to manage ourselves better and more effectively.

If you are avoiding facing any painful feelings, or if pain is keeping your from adequately mastering these skills, I implore you to find a counsellor you are comfortable with and explore any driven behaviours you might have that are harmful to you or to someone  in your life, so that you can then go on to establish and nurture healthy relationships and stop any pattern of abuse or violence toward yourself and others.

Stage 3 is Social Awareness

Social awareness is the awareness of how our decisions and actions are impacting on the people around us, and we cannot be fully aware of how we are impacting others if we do not have a good grasp of the first 2 stages of emotional maturity.

Stage 4 is Relationship Skills

Relationship skills need to be developed in order to be able to establish and nurture important connections in our lives, as well as communicate our needs adequately and be able to restore a relationship to it’s functional place when we are human and hurt someone.

Stage 5 is Response-able Decision Making

Finally, when we understand how emotional growth occurs and we make the decision to consciously develop or parent ourselves into emotional maturity using these steps, we reach a place where we are able to make decisions about how we want to respond to the people and circumstances in our lives, rather than react to them from a place of pain or hurt that we had no idea existed let alone how intense our feelings were.

Men are not the only ones who struggle with emotional maturity, and whether we are talking about preventing Domestic Violence, child abuse, overeating, or childhood development issues, our level of success in EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, will come back to our emotional intelligence and how capable we are emotionally.  Today, however, we are talking about it in reference to violence toward women.

Further to learning how to manage ourselves better, the second thing we can do to help curb Domestic Violence in our society is to start judging men by their emotional IQ before we judge them by how much money they have, how good-looking they are or how popular they seem to be. Look seriously at who they are when times get tough.  This is when we find out how emotionally mature a man is and whether or not he is capable of managing himself in a way that honours himself and his loved ones.

A real man, to me, is one who is self-aware, able to manage himself and able to respond thoughtfully and compassionately to what life throws at him.  He is nurturing, he takes responsibility for himself and his choices rather than blame others, and even if he wants to, he doesn’t run away when things get tough.

Let’s start encouraging all of our men to be emotionally mature and by our example teach our boys how to manage their emotions from the earliest possible age.  Can you imagine how juicy your life could be if emotional intelligence were to be your number one priority for yourself and for a partner?  Everyone will be happier and healthier, including our men.

If you would like to know how you can develop your Emotional IQ, I write in much greater detail about developing Emotional Intelligence in my book 6 Keys To Happiness and I also include lots of exercises that help my readers to develop a healthy self-awareness and healthy tools for living an emotionally rich and juicy life.

Please share this post so that others might come to better understand emotional intelligence and have the opportunity to have a positive impact on Domestic Violence today.


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6 Keys To Happiness
If you would like to take yourself on a 21-Day Body Love Challenge to heal physical and emotional wounds follow this link:
21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women
21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women

I look forward to working with you and alongside you while you create your very own Juicy Life in 2016

Common Causes for Communication Breakdowns and 5 Rules You Must Follow To Fix Things Fast

Communication breakdowns and the turmoil that often follows are among some of the most painful experiences in life for many women and as a Counsellor I often see people after a long series of communication breakdowns, which complicates things further and makes life feel really messy and unmanageable for them.

As busy mums who are often juggling far more than what would normally be considered humanly possible, I know you don’t have a lot of time or energy to sit and try and work through a miscommunication, pulling it apart bit by bit, agonising over where it might have gone wrong and guessing how you might have contributed to it so that you can “undo” whatever it was that happened and get back on track with whatever it was that was demanding your attention before the “thing” happened that caused a child to storm off and slam a door, a husband to get cranky or a friend to stop calling.

Today I want to highlight some common causes for communication breakdowns and give you some rules to live by that will fix them fast.

What I am going to do is give you some insight in to human behaviour – some rules if you like – that will help you to be more confident about moving forward when miscommunications do happen. 

When we understand the dynamics of communication and the typical responses people have when it breaks down, we are going to be much slower to take things personally and much quicker to respond in a way that will actually make things better and fast.

Just last week I was talking to someone about an incident that had really hurt her.  She thought everything was going great and then it occurred to her that she hadn’t heard from a particular friend for a little while so she decided to take some time out to call her and see what was happening.

What happened next she was totally unprepared for.  Apparently she’d done something to upset this friend and she didn’t even know she’d done it. She totally got the cold shoulder and felt like she’d lost her friend forever.

As you can imagine she was devastated.  After a little chat and some carefully worded questions however, she calmed down and was able to understand the situation from a different perspective.

There are some rules to follow when it comes to communicating that can make all the difference in situations like this.  And whether it is with a friend, a partner, a child or a family member, the rules are the same.

Rule # 1

Know that when someone is having a reaction to you, it isn’t about you.

The same is true when you are having a reaction to someone else.  You think it is about them but it isn’t.

He who has the pain has the issue that needs to be addressed so you need to stop pointing fingers or being defensive and start asking some questions about where the pain is coming from.

Rule # 2

Even if it is about you, it still isn’t about you and the sooner you realise this the sooner you will get to the real problem and find a solution.

As long as we are willing to take responsibility for how someone else is feeling, we are helping him or her to stay stuck and creating a problem for ourselves.  Instead, take responsibility for triggering the pain and then dig deeper to find the original source.  Ask questions like:  What is really going on? What is the issue really about?

Rule # 3

All negative reactions are rooted in fear.  It’s true.  Fear of loss, fear of loneliness, fear of being unimportant, fear of being unlovable, fear of being not good enough, fear of being left behind…the list is endless.

Find out what the fear is in this situation and address it truthfully and compassionately.

Rule # 4

We all want to feel safe, heard, validated, loved and valued.  We all want to know we matter and that our thoughts and feelings are important.

Find out:  What is the need that is not being met in this situation?

Rule # 5

A genuine desire to support someone comes from the heart and asks the question, “How can I support you?”  It creates a space for the people we love to explore their own needs and it lets them know that we are here for them while they do that.

Ask:  What does your heart want?  Whether it is your heart, or a loved one’s heart, you might be surprised by some of the answers you hear.

The wonderful thing about following these rules is that over time there seem to be less and less miscommunications as we learn to deal with what is happening in the moment, rather than getting side-tracked by what we are afraid might be happening.

Remember to be gentle with yourself as you learn new ways of doing things.  Remind yourself that you are doing your best and that is all anyone can do.

And finally, feel free to share this with someone you love if you feel they might benefit.

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21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women
21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women

I look forward to working with you and alongside you while you create your very own Juicy Life in 2016

I am…what? How knowing the answer to this question can change your whole day, every day

If I were to ask you who are you, what would you say? Do you know? And even more importantly, how would you say it? Would you be able to answer that question with conviction and pride?

Today I want to explore how well you know yourself and how sure you are about who you are, because knowing the answer to those 2 questions can make a world of difference to the way in which you experience your life on a day to day basis.

When a woman is busy, she has to get clear about what she needs to achieve in order to make the most of the time she has, and I know that you understand what I am talking about because I don’t know a woman who hasn’t been, if she isn’t currently, very busy meeting the daily demands of life.  It is just the way it is and every woman knows that.

There are lots of things that can get in the way of enjoying a productive day, though, and one of the biggest blocks to productivity in my opinion, is indecision.  Further to that, I honestly believe that the root of all indecision lies in not knowing who you are and what you stand for.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. ” – Aristotle

It is my opinion that excellence comes from getting very clear with yourself about who you are.   Knowing who you are makes a world of difference to how productive your day is because it changes the way you approach opportunities and choices.  Sometimes it is important to remain open to things but most of the time, remaining open only slows you down and holds you captive in a promise that may or may not eventuate.

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” – Tony Robbins

When you know who you are, or decide who you want to be, you can effortlessly distinguish between those options that resonate with you and those options that are not for you at this point in time.  This is truly the greatest secret to time management I have ever come across, and what I want to do today is take you through a simple exercise that will help you to really get to know yourself or the you that you decide you want to be.

I want to start you on a journey where you know yourself as a decisive person, and I want you to know what it feels like to be living life on purpose. There is so much joy in living a juicy, authentic life that reflects your personal, heartfelt values and if you aren’t already there, it starts with the following 3 steps.

Step 1:  I want you to finish each of the following sentences with strong statements that reflect what matters to you.  We are creating affirmations here that you can take into your daily life as a reminder of who you are and what you stand for.  Meditate on each statement and ask for the words that reflect your authentic self. I have given examples which you are more than welcome to use until you define your own statements more clearly. Just be sure to choose statements that reflect someone you can honestly aspire to.  Choose to be someone you would be proud to look up to.

Spiritually, I am…

(An example here might be: Spiritually I am connected and deeply fulfilled.)

Physically, I am…

(An example here might be: Physically, I am strong and healthy.)

Emotionally, I am…

(EG Emotionally I am strong enough to handle anything that comes my way.)

Financially, I am…

(EG Financially I am fit and healthy and the right opportunities always come to me at the right time.)

In my career, I am…

(EG In my career, I am a competent and capable woman who leads from the front.)

In my relationships, I am…

(EG In my relationships, I am loving and caring and I enjoy love and respect from the people closest to me.)

Socially, I am…

(EG Socially, I am having fun enjoying new and exciting experiences that rejuvenate and inspire me.)

As a member of my community, I am…

(As a member of my community, I am a valued contributor to causes that matter to me and what I give is always greatly appreciated.)

As a person, I am…

(As a person, I am strong and generous and kind.  I love life and life loves me.  I am so very fortunate.)

Step 2:  Each day for 7 days I want you to say these affirmations out loud in front of a mirror before you get in to your day and I want you to say them like you are trying to convince yourself that they are all true.

Step 3:  Notice how your body feels when you say your affirmations.  Do you feel stronger, more decisive, more on purpose?  Are you standing taller, is your back straighter and is your head held high?

When you can feel these things in your body, know that you are ready to move into your day and know that your day will be exactly what you make it.  Carry your affirmations with you, if you like, to remind you of who you are at any time during the day and to sustain your new decisive state of being.  And at the end of the day, make a mental note of how different you and your day felt from this place of knowing who you really are.

And finally, love who you are.  Know that you deserve great things.

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If you would like to take yourself on a 21-Day Body Love Challenge to heal physical and emotional wounds follow this link:

21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women

21-Day Body Love Challenge for Women

I look forward to working with you and alongside you while you create your very own Juicy Life in 2016